Hanging Gardens in all their glory

What do you say when you're asked to recreate 'a rainforest' hanging from a tipi ceiling? You say yes, of course!

Beautiflora is always up for a challenge and one of our specialities is creating large scale hanging gardens. 

Do you know how many florists, branches and leaves it takes to create a hanging garden of this size and magnitude? 10,000 leaves for a start. At least. And we're not even exaggerating!

This particular installation was created inside 3 tipis supplied by Samikata Tipi Events at Elements of Byron. The client's brief required different styles of rainforest installations with a continued theme of lush greenery throughout each tipi. Our client wanted their guests to enter into a breathtaking new world as soon as they took their first step into the event.

Our entryway achieved this by creating a portal through which people stepped, opening up into their very own "magical botanical world" for the night. The entryway was signified by the ring of gum, moss and ferns in the first tipi, entwined together, delicately draping downward, encapsulating our centred luscious signature green chandelier. Created in collaboration with my husband's company North Coast Events, our stunning living chandelier is all set-off by the simple and elegant glowing pendant globes. 

As the guests moved from the entryway they then entered the rainforest tipi - the ceiling was filled with a lush variety of foliage detail including giant bromeliads, glorious monstera leaves, clusters of magnolia with hints of tiki fern and more. Again, the pendant globes hung just above the guests' head height- setting off the interiors beautifully. Everywhere they turned, they were met by fresh styled greenery - even the poles were covered in moss and mini monstera leaves. Luscious doesn't even come close!

The installation of giant hanging gardens such as these requires careful planning and timing to pull off. It is important to hydrate and keep all the product fresh. It is a laborious and physically strenous job requiring major coordination of staff and allocation of product. Lots of work and we will always be happy and thankful for the privilege of creating wonderlands such as these.

We must extend a warm thank you to Melita from Sperry Tents for allowing us the use of her gorgeous photos - find Melita here on instagram @melita_photo