Newrybar Merchants

Well we are now well and truly open at Newrybar Merchants! I feel so blessed to have our lovely little florist located there, in the vibrant village of Newrybar. We are situated across the road from Harvest Cafe and Deli, Byron Hinterland's best destination for all things wonderful. We share a space with some other high end designers and creative merchants including Shannon Fricke, Jai Vasicek, Paterson and Steele, Tigmi Trading, Sibella Court, Fate and Fortune, Miller Trading Group and the adorable in house artist, Diana Miller. 

It's been a challenging yet super inspiring journey opening the store, getting it up on it's feet. The doors opened in October 2015, two weeks after I had a baby, unfortunately for me! The opportunity was now or never. Though I spent many of the past years working at a local Byron Bay florist, from our beginnings in the year 2000, beautiflora had always concentrated on event work from the studio. Then in 2014 we opened the flower cart at Harvest, which naturally blossomed into the new retail space in 2015. I had no idea all this would happen, it was totally to my surprise, and much like the flower cart, it was a vision that sprouted out of nowhere and suddenly became real. I have a new found level of respect for anyone who operates a florist shop. It's no small feat being a small business operator, let alone a florist with a tiny baby to care for, and an eco-system of flowers to manage and maintain at the same time.

Running a florist is very labour intensive, keeping all the vessel water fresh at all times, re cutting every single stem to keep the flowers hydrated. The big reshuffle as the new flowers arrive turns our room upside down, with 2 or 3 florists working away during the early hours every couple of days, before the doors even open! Then there's the bouquets to make, clients to meet and of course styling our room so everything sits in it's right spot all fresh, clean and priced, ready for you to walk in and have a sensory experience. 

I'm grateful to have a beautiful team of talented botanical stylists who make our weddings, events AND 'beautiflora @ Newrybar Merchants' all possible, plus the Newrybar Merchants staff. I'm still trying to find the balance with my new baby and a 3 year old, but again I'm blessed to have Dan (from North Coast Events) as my amazing husband. We somehow keep the boat afloat together. It is a passion, and my gift to the world having the shop space where people can feel inspired. I'm excited to grow with it through the seasons of life, and let it evolve as we do.

This photo was taken about a week after opening in October 2015

This photo was taken about a week after opening in October 2015