Hanging Gardens in all their glory

What do you say when you're asked to recreate 'a rainforest' hanging from a tipi ceiling? You say yes, of course!

Beautiflora is always up for a challenge and one of our specialities is creating large scale hanging gardens. 

Do you know how many florists, branches and leaves it takes to create a hanging garden of this size and magnitude? 10,000 leaves for a start. At least. And we're not even exaggerating!

This particular installation was created inside 3 tipis supplied by Samikata Tipi Events at Elements of Byron. The client's brief required different styles of rainforest installations with a continued theme of lush greenery throughout each tipi. Our client wanted their guests to enter into a breathtaking new world as soon as they took their first step into the event.

Our entryway achieved this by creating a portal through which people stepped, opening up into their very own "magical botanical world" for the night. The entryway was signified by the ring of gum, moss and ferns in the first tipi, entwined together, delicately draping downward, encapsulating our centred luscious signature green chandelier. Created in collaboration with my husband's company North Coast Events, our stunning living chandelier is all set-off by the simple and elegant glowing pendant globes. 

As the guests moved from the entryway they then entered the rainforest tipi - the ceiling was filled with a lush variety of foliage detail including giant bromeliads, glorious monstera leaves, clusters of magnolia with hints of tiki fern and more. Again, the pendant globes hung just above the guests' head height- setting off the interiors beautifully. Everywhere they turned, they were met by fresh styled greenery - even the poles were covered in moss and mini monstera leaves. Luscious doesn't even come close!

The installation of giant hanging gardens such as these requires careful planning and timing to pull off. It is important to hydrate and keep all the product fresh. It is a laborious and physically strenous job requiring major coordination of staff and allocation of product. Lots of work and we will always be happy and thankful for the privilege of creating wonderlands such as these.

We must extend a warm thank you to Melita from Sperry Tents for allowing us the use of her gorgeous photos - find Melita here on instagram @melita_photo

beautiflora loves Grace Loves Lace

beautiflora loves Grace Loves Lace as much as the next bride-to-be and understandably we were very excited to make it onto Grace Loves Lace's radar for their new range photoshoot and look book at The Grove, Byron Bay! This lush shoot also featured in the White Magazine blog early spring 2016. 

Our aesthetic here at beautiflora is very adapatble from bride-to-bride but we must admit, we are especially experienced in the boho-luxe look and feel which so many of our gorgeous brides embody (how very "Byron" of us!).

This collaboration with Grace Loves Lace embodies boho-luxe completely. Check the Grace Loves Lace look book 'And After Winter comes Spring'   

Photos by @pixpop @burntbreakfast. Bouquet and hairpeice by beautiflora.

Terrarium Making Workshop @ Newrybar Merchants

We invite you to join us for a delightful evening in the flower room at the Newrybar Merchants 120 yr old homestead. Come and enjoy getting creative and making your very own living art piece to take home and admire each day!

Tools and materials are supplied including a fun glass of bubbles or refreshing ice tea. The girls will guide you step by step on how to create a unique miniature garden in a gorgeous clear glass vessel, welcoming you to the wonderful world of terrarium making!  You will learn all the secrets behind this wonderful botanical art form. A very relaxing craft, with the added bonus that you will enjoy your creation in your home for years to come! 

Register in the next 7 days and bring a friend to receive a 10% discount. Please book now for the July workshop to secure your space by calling 0421 904 176 / emailing britte@beautiflora.com or visiting the Newrybar Merchants store, across the road from Harvest. 


Hindu wedding @ The Grove

This beautiful East meets West styled event was such a delight for us to work on!

We've been working together for 15 years but more recently Lhasa has really stepped into her role as our Snr Floral Stylist. We are now working on the botanical styling aspect of our weddings together more than ever before and it's so inspiring! Pratha conveyed to us her gorgeous look and feel and then left the rest up to us, she had full trust in our work and gave us total creative license to meet her brief. The theme was tropical, natural, chatruese limes with whites and creams, lots of texture and interesting shapes using pods, hanging amaranthus, anthuriums, orchids, tropical leaves, berries and only touches of the softer blooms such as open roses. We had loads of fun putting together our buy list which included white hydrangeas, green anthuriums, green amaranthus, star of bethlehem, lotus pods, dried lily pods, white hyacinths, white orchids, privot berries, lime gladiolis, ivy and more. It was our first job in the fantastic new Sperry Tent, and North Coast Events provided these awesome foundation rings to go around the poles for for our floral work, of which you could adjust the height of with ropes.

Photo by Van Middelton Photography

Photo by Van Middelton Photography

Photo by Van Middelton Photography

Photo by Van Middelton Photography

Newrybar Merchants

Well we are now well and truly open at Newrybar Merchants! I feel so blessed to have our lovely little florist located there, in the vibrant village of Newrybar. We are situated across the road from Harvest Cafe and Deli, Byron Hinterland's best destination for all things wonderful. We share a space with some other high end designers and creative merchants including Shannon Fricke, Jai Vasicek, Paterson and Steele, Tigmi Trading, Sibella Court, Fate and Fortune, Miller Trading Group and the adorable in house artist, Diana Miller. 

It's been a challenging yet super inspiring journey opening the store, getting it up on it's feet. The doors opened in October 2015, two weeks after I had a baby, unfortunately for me! The opportunity was now or never. Though I spent many of the past years working at a local Byron Bay florist, from our beginnings in the year 2000, beautiflora had always concentrated on event work from the studio. Then in 2014 we opened the flower cart at Harvest, which naturally blossomed into the new retail space in 2015. I had no idea all this would happen, it was totally to my surprise, and much like the flower cart, it was a vision that sprouted out of nowhere and suddenly became real. I have a new found level of respect for anyone who operates a florist shop. It's no small feat being a small business operator, let alone a florist with a tiny baby to care for, and an eco-system of flowers to manage and maintain at the same time.

Running a florist is very labour intensive, keeping all the vessel water fresh at all times, re cutting every single stem to keep the flowers hydrated. The big reshuffle as the new flowers arrive turns our room upside down, with 2 or 3 florists working away during the early hours every couple of days, before the doors even open! Then there's the bouquets to make, clients to meet and of course styling our room so everything sits in it's right spot all fresh, clean and priced, ready for you to walk in and have a sensory experience. 

I'm grateful to have a beautiful team of talented botanical stylists who make our weddings, events AND 'beautiflora @ Newrybar Merchants' all possible, plus the Newrybar Merchants staff. I'm still trying to find the balance with my new baby and a 3 year old, but again I'm blessed to have Dan (from North Coast Events) as my amazing husband. We somehow keep the boat afloat together. It is a passion, and my gift to the world having the shop space where people can feel inspired. I'm excited to grow with it through the seasons of life, and let it evolve as we do.

This photo was taken about a week after opening in October 2015

This photo was taken about a week after opening in October 2015

Epic rainforest install

After 15 years in the Byron wedding industry, this was actually our biggest production yet! The team effort was amazing, all the botanical styling including constructing the 70 sq m of dense hanging rainforest took all week, from product arrival to final effect. We had 14 florists on the hanging gardens for two days solid! There were masses of large philodendron leaves, rainforest vines, anthurium leaves, bush moss, bromeliads, camellia, tiki fern, leather fern, cordyline tops, succulents of all shapes and sizes.. No flowers at all! It was an all green affair apart from the incredible tropical burgundy heart leaves, yet so much form, shape and texture, so many shades of green and contrasting exotic botany. I'm so lucky to be married to Dan from North Coast Events, it was a super rewarding and spectacular collab for us. Sean from NCE designed the entire framework so it had the structural integrity it required, which held the rainforest in place within the Samikata Tipis. NCE then threaded over 100 bulbs and cage lights through the suspended botanical creation. Because the client was a Snr Events Coordinator for a big company in London, everything about this job had to be high end professional and seamless. Pleased to say we had zero hiccups and so much fun! This all foliage rainforest & succulent themed wedding was a delight to design and install! The Grove is such a beautiful venue, and right around the corner from our studio in stunning Byron Hinterland. Thanks Byron Bay Weddings also for fantastic coordinating and styling. Photography by John Benavente. Amy wears Berta Bridal.

We were excited to discover that Amy's bouquet made it into the best 15 wedding bouquets for 2015 on Nouba Blog!

Mother's Day @ the flower cart

To be a mother is a beautiful experience. It involves giving so much, and feeling more joy than you could've ever imagined. Sunday it's time celebrate this and to say thank you! Sooooo many beautiful flowers arriving for the flower cart this weekend! 

Is your mother in Byron shire? Send a pamper pack hamper, with all natural body products, fruit and optional flowers on the side. Or our specialty- stunning big hessian wrapped bouquets, tied off with thick striped ribbon and a card message attached. 

Valentine's Day 2015

We have some beautiful options to choose from this Valentine’s Day! Select from our floral menu or have a romantic bouquet or hamper made especially for you loved one. Either phone us for orders before the day, or organise everything in advance via our deliveries page. We are open at the flower cart at Harvest til 5pm, and we will sell out so placing an order early is recommended.

Valentine’s Day 2015 – Floral Menu

 Simple gesture- one long stemmed Colombian rose beautifully presented in a simple natural style rose box tied off with ribbon. 

Heart shaped glass vase- filled with rose petals for your beloved. 

Lush arrangement- 10 x gorgeous medium roses arranged in a small wooden box with bush moss and foliage.

Delicious rose bouquetcarefully arranged bouquet of a dozen long stemmed roses stunningly wrapped with foliage, white paper and natural hessian. 

Full pamper packMass of exquisite flowers opulent style, a $200 bouquet sent with our unique botanical soap, bath salts and optional champagne.

Soaps- all natural handmade botanical. or bath salts add to any order

Bouquets- beautiful romantic designs by us start from $60

Delivery- to surrounding areas from $20. All flowers sent with a heartfelt card message.

The Vista in Byron Bay - styled shoot

This will definitely remain one of my favorite photo shoots of all time! Such romantic rich colours, this to me is the place where we fantasise about going when life all gets too much.. The Vista created the perfect place to dream, a world of wanderlust. Loving our flowers in this world! Photography Sybil Steele // Styling Marisa Sidoti // Decor Dos Ombre // Beauty Alexouston Beauty // Yurt from Yurt Creations // Film Nathan Oldfield more online at  www.followthevista.com #wanderlust 

Beautiflora botanica - at Harvest

This is the flower cart behind Harvest Deli, photographed recently, and also just days before we opened in August. It's been a very exciting and busy time and we are delighted to say we are now open on Saturday and Sunday mornings selling beautiful fresh flowers! We also have a range of our very own organic floral waters facial mists, pressed flower jewellery, hand cut upcycled bottle glassware, gorgeous vases, botanical bath milk and scrubs, flowering pot plants and terrariums. We are doing floral deliveries in the Byron Bay and surrounding area for birthdays, special occasions or even private house flowers. We are so blessed to be a part of the Harvest Cafe magic, it's just a wonderful world in Newrybar, and thankfully the beautiflora studio is just a minute away! It's amazing how much work it has taken to open this little flower cart, it was a dream that suddenly became a reality days before our family trip to California earlier this year. It has been a living breathing passion and come to fruition so beautifully. Come and see us at the flower cart. We have perfect gifts and unique blooms. After 18 years of floristry, we are the longest standing florist in the Byron Bay area. Our flowers are the highest quality and carefully selected, so we only have the best! More photos of the flower cart in full bloom to come soon!

beautiflora botanica - flower cart in Harvest Cafe gardens

beautiflora botanica - flower cart in Harvest Cafe gardens

Coopers Shoot - styled shoot

What a beautiful day it was for this styled shoot at a new wedding venue in the Byron Bay hinterland! I just love Coopers Shoot, Piccadilly Hill, Bangalow and of course Newrybar - where our little flower studio is based. The landscape is full with colour, heavenly fruit trees, free range chickens, sweeping ocean views, macadamia farms, coffee plantations and sweet little honesty stalls  over-flowing with local produce. This new venue at Coopers Shoot is just divine. It is yet to be officially named, and it is definitely one of the area's most rustic and romantic places to be married. This shoot was styled by the gorgeous Ange Cleary. Flowers by us, beauty by Georga from Avia Beauty, photography by Lee Thomas. Just another stunning winter day in the Bay! We are SO lucky to be working and playing as botanical stylists in this slice of paradise we call home! Oh- and... beautiflora is having a birthday - our team have been making amazing floral creations for weddings in this area for 15 years now, and are proud to say we are Byron's longest standing florist!

We're really looking forward to working with Ange again - she has a great eye as you can see from the photos. Loved the flowers for this styled shoot, always so much fun having the time to really play, we are always so busy on the wedding days, and photographs are sometimes missed. Enjoy!

Hanging Grapevine Gardens with North Coast Events

The very creative guys we work with at North Coast Events have been doing some beautiful work! Dreaming up lighting designs that are original designs, never seen before. A new unique design installation piece including upcycled wine bottles was featured in this recent styled shoot, at a venue in Byron Bay called 'The Secret Garden". It's exciting to see our team flourishing and bursting out with new fabulous creations, for us especially the hanging garden style installations that florists are able to decorate! This installation called the 'Provinical Feast' Chandelier comes in 2.5m lengths, and we have enough to do 10 metres. It looks so gorgeous over a table as a feature piece! It comes dressed in grape vines and can be adorned with lush bunches of foliage, herbs, food and flowers. We have posted photos here, but you can check out the link to the blog post for more. Twine Blog - Secret Garden party

"The shoot came about as the venue is new to the industry and used to belong to quite a well known Australian artist, David Bromley.  The house is very Byron Bay and the vibe of the space is so unique, relaxed and inviting that we wanted to create something that suited the space and showed people what was possible.  So the idea was to create a relaxed bohemian/byron bay type shoot with bright florals but lots of soft touches too and very natural.  At the end of the shoot we had 25 people to dinner (including suppliers) so that we could enjoy the space and all our hard work." - Rachael owner of The Events Lounge.

Photos by Figtree Pictures.

Fincher Florian Cassidy

We've done so many beautiful weddings recently, we were part of the Byron Bay Wedding Fair in August 2013, and created the fantastic 'Hanging Garden Chandelier' with North Coast Events. I've been pretty interested in Instagram and have found some of the world's most amazing florists there. But my biggest excuse for not doing a blog entry for so long is Fincher Florian Cassidy, my little Finch. He's one year old now and the most beautiful baby. I feel so blessed to be helping him blossom and grow. He is my little flower. We struck lucky as he has the sweetest, easiest nature one could hope for in a baby. He's calm, careful, friendly and funny, and last but not least, he loves to sleep. He has been most patient with Beautiflora, peering from a distance when we are sifting through mountains of flowers in the studio, and he sometimes comes along for the deliveries of precious blooms. All of us at Beautiflora love him to bits. It has taken alot of attention and focus to carefully grow him from a tiny helpless newborn to the powering one year old he now shines as. My wonderful florists continue to be such a valuable support during his babyhood. I'm so excited about sharing our latest work and publishing some photos soon. Also, I can't wait til later this year when I'll be travelling to Melbourne to do some wedding work with the wonderful Miss Petra Cremming from Pomp and Splendour! Lots to do in the office and studio before the spring weddings kick in! In the meantime, I wanted to introduce you to this lovely little man. He is perfect in every way. He has filled my heart with more joy than I could have ever imagined. And while I thought I'd want more time away from the flowers after having a baby, I don't, I can't help it, I'm a flower addict! I LOVE flowers. And I LOVE Fincher Florian.

Mavises Kitchen - styled shoot

On a beautiful winter day in this divine Byron Shire, I drove our little babies - the blooms, up to the heart of the area, the foot of magical Mt Warning. We were lucky enough to be part of a fantastic team of vendors who put together this stunning styled photo shoot. Mavises Kitchen is a perfect venue for a country wedding! Their food is filled with love and fresh as can be. We enjoyed a very tasty spread while setting up the flowers! I used native flowers to create this rustic winter feel. Beautiful white proteas, pink ice proteas, king proteas, ivy berry, tobacco berry, red luecadendrons, lemon myrtle foliage, grevilleas, thryptomene, pink wax, gum, dusty miller, double jonquils, peach blossom, white garden roses, cream freesias, white chrysanthemums and silver argentum.

I will never forget this special day in the valley, the sun shining, the flowers smiling.. Doing this work makes me feel very lucky to be in this breathtakingly beautiful part of the world, with the things I love best- flowers!!

Flowers, flowers, flowers... plants, foliage and botanical wonder! Nothing makes my heart sing more.. They take so much care and love, require all my attention and energy. As if they were all my babies, I happily care for them, clean after them, feed them and revive them..

This shoot was a labour of love, and also, I was blessed to work with some wonderful women. The photographs capture this moment in time forever, our styled shoot, winter 2012.

Thanks to the very talented- photographer- Kristy from Figtree Pictures (wedding + lifestyle photography), stylist- Judi from Little Gray Station - Vintage Furniture and Props Hire, hair and make-up- Hair by Leah, stationer- Paper Dolls, cakes- Brown Betty's Bakery, venue & food- Mavis's Kitchen Mt Warning, model- Dani Bonnor, and wardrobe-Scarlett's Wardrobe


Modern vintage florist aprons

Today we launched our beautiful handmade modern vintage styled florist aprons at "Sew & Tell" Vintage Fair in Bangalow, near Byron Bay. It's such a beautiful sunny day here at Newrybar, divine! We are so lucky and excited that we were invited to showcase the aprons with Francesca Rockette bags and accessories. The fair was a raging success, well done Tori and Gabe for putting it together. Our aprons also come in black for those messy florist days or waitressing. I will be adding them to the site soon, delightful!

Brooklet wedding

This was quite the fairytale wedding if I ever had seen one. All our weddings are so beautiful but this one really stood out to us because it was held on a private macadamia farm in the hinterland as oppose to all the other venues we frequently work at. It was a picture perfect day and every detail was gorgeous.

Byron Beach Cafe wedding

It must be so hard to choose, beach or hinterland? Leah and Dom were blessed with stunning weather for their Clarkes Beach wedding. We went for a soft native style, rustic and simple. Working with the king protea is always fun. The reception was held at the Beach Cafe and we made a super long bush moss foundation with luecadendrons, king proteas, privot berries and closed cream tiger lily buds, running the entire length of the tables. This was definately my favourite event we have done to date at the Beach Cafe!